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    A contract was signed between the Albanian Road Authority and the companies Joint VentureSintram Albania and Combined Group for the start of works for segment Qukës - Qafë Plloç.
    Construction project of the road Qukës - Qafë e Plloçës, part of the road corridor Tirana - Korçë (Corridor VIII), together with the construction of the Tirana - Elbasan road will provide a faster connection between the port of Durres and other Balkan countries, making Albania a more convenient place to carry out the transit of transport from the Balkan countries to Europe and vice versa. it The road also serves as a bypass for the city of Pogradec, one of the tourist capitals of Southeast Albania, thus avoiding pollution of the city and the lake, as a result of the transit of heavy vehicles, leading to increased tourist comfort in this region by bringing increase the number of tourists.
    To date, 60 engineers and 350 employees have been engaged in this work.
    Qukës - Qafë Plloçë road construction project, consists of the construction of a road segment of 43.4 km long. The road in the first 10 km passes along the river Shkumbin and then continues to the Malësia e Mokra, which is known as a difficult terrain area and therefore a large number of retaining walls and retaining will be built, most more than 20 (twenty) bridges. The road will have a width of 12.5m with 2 crossing lines with a width of 3.75 m each (7.5 m in total). Total project cost thought to be $ 152 million.

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    Construction of "Unaza e Tiranës"

    This road segment starts at km 0 + 000, where the object "New Ring of Tirana segment Municipality of Paris - New Road Tirana - Elbasan" ends and continues up to km 0.640 (where it connects with Lot I of this facility).
    This segment consists of two parts:

    1– Main road, road category A’2, adapted for urban area with two crossing lines 2 × 3.5m, and conceived as a speedway with disciplined entrances and exits.

    Road crown width: 30m
    Carriageway width: 2x12m
    Crossing line: 2x 3.5
    Emergency lane: 3.5m

    2– Parallel road, road category B 2

    Road crown width 12m
    Carriageway width 7m
    Pavement width 5m

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