Asphalt Plant


90 tons / h (3% humidity) with a final temperature of 150 ° C at an altitude of 500 m above sea level, under the following conditions:

Outdoor temperature/td> ≥10°C
Reference height 500 m above sea level
Average aggregate density 1650 Kg/m3
Calorific value of fuel(50°E AT 50°C) >9500 Kcal/kg
Discharge of aggregate temperature ≤150°C
Moisture content of the remaining mixture ≤0.5%
Max size of aggregatet 40mm
Material passing sreen 3mm ≤40%
Material passing sreen ASTM 200 74 microns≤7%
Formula Binder Standard
Specific heat of the aggregate Less than 0.21 Kcal/kg°C
Specific weight of the filler 1.00 t/m3
Specific filler weightMax production achieved by assuming that the total mixing time is 41 sec per aggregate
Degree of product tolerance according to environmental conditions and parameters ±10%
Production rate includes all recovered filler and average value of 5% bitumen added by weight
Non-porous, non-moisture-absorbing material, with normal shape and good selection
Voltazh 220/400V,3 Phase,50Hz
Electric motor Outdoor ventilation with narrow ventilation


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