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Cifa Factory is a portable factory for the production of concrete material. This factory is easily transported with a low trailer trailer that includes conveyor, mixer, etc. This plant produces 60 m3 of concrete per hour. Its herb mixer DNA model 1.5 and the capacity of the mixer is 2250/1500 l, the capacity of the concrete mixer per cycle is 1.5 m3. The inert tank is 4 pcs and the storage capacity is 45 m 3. Sillos cement up to 4. Dosing materials by weighing is done by skip Dosing of water and cement is done by weighing The loading system is with 2 pumps.

Total weight 25000 kg
Outdoor temperature ≥10°C
Voltage 5400 V
Frequency 50 Hz
Nr of Stages 3
Signal of Voltage 24 V
Command of Voltage 110 V
Mixed Engine Power 30+30 kW
Power of control units to open the cover ≤1.5 kW
Pneumatic compressor motor power 3 kW
Deduster filter motor power 130 kW
Energy consumption 100 kW
Maximum bucket lifting speed 0.47 m/s
Maximum bucket descent speed 0.47 m/s%
Minimum mixing time 30 sekonda
Concrete yield volume from mixing 1.5m3
Theoretical yield performance of
oscillating concrete with free-falling discharge S3-S4-S5
55 m3/h
Quantity of aggregate separations 4
Quantity of aggregate “Hopper” 45 m3
Max size of individual aggregates 40 mm
Aggregate capacity 3000 kg
Cement capacity 700 kg
Water connection (according to customer responsibility) Kapaciteti I 2 meshkujve per 300l/min Presioni 0.3MPa

The factory is designed exclusively for industrial use

The materials that can be placed in the factory are:
• AGGREGATES: natural or granular with a granulometric value not exceeding 40 mm and with a specific gravity not exceeding 1800kg / m3
• CEMENT: with specific gravity not more than 1400kg/m3

The maximum amount that can be set for each component:
• AGGREGATES:————> 3000kg
• CEMENT: ————> 700kg
• WATER: ————-> 350kg
The factory is prepared for outdoor installations and does not need special protection, provided the electrical panel is placed inside a control cabinet.


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