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Among the civil buildings of the company Albavia is also the construction of a part of the residential complex in: “Beselidhja” neighborhood, Lezha, 7-8 storey building with basement and ground floor shops (east of the city mosque and north of the stadium “Beselidhja New apartments are set within any European standard offering: – infrastructure connections (roads, potable water and sanitation, telephone, etc.) – connection with community services (school, dormitory, medical center, etc.); This residential complex is located in four pre-university schools, kindergartens, nurseries, mosques, churches, medical centers, maternity clinics, and police making easy access to these institutions for residents. The palace is equipped with a lift, fire protection for each floor; the square around the palace is asphalted and paved with pavement tiles in which parking spaces are provided; the road in front of the block to the apartments is under construction with four lanes; there is the exit to the main street of the city of Lezha by positioning it in the most sought after areas of the city.

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